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EXPLAIN ALL STEPS: Convert the following machine language instructions into assembly language, assuming that they were not generated by pseudo-ops:

            a) 82B7DE

          b) 04

          c) DF63DF

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Step 1



Convert the above machine language into binary format

1000 0010 1011 0111 1101 1110

1000 raaa

The equivalent Mnemonic for 1000 raaa is AND r (Bitwise AND to r instruction)

Here, r = 0 so the “r” value is A

aaa = 010

The addressing mode for 010 is “Indirect” and letter for “010” is “n”

Operand specifier = B7DE

Therefore, the answer is ANDA 0xB7DE, n

Step 2



Convert the above machine language into binary format

0000 0100

The equivalent Mnemonic for the above format is MOVFLGA (Move NZVC flags ...

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