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Explain the importance of good communication? How can you determine if you are managing the team effectively? What tools would you use to manage the team? How would you deliver negative news?


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Step 1

Good communication plays an important role in the development and growth of the organization. Effective communication is an important thing that helps the organization to grow and to get success. Through effective communication business executives perform the basic functions of the organizations. Basic functions including, planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling. Good communication also helps the manager to lead a diverse workforce. It also helps the employee to express their views and expression.

Step 2

From an individual point of view, to determine whether the managing skills are going in the right direction will be observed in the following ways.

  • The manager must be humble towards different stakeholders and should have the potential to work with different stakeholders.
  • The manager should have cut and clear vision and mission
  • The manager should be transparent as much as possible
  • The manager must not follow the policy of one- size fits all
  • The manager should give a chance to every employee to express their views and ideas and should provide a valid reason to deny their ideas and values.
  • The manager should reward the employee on the accomplishment of the task.
Step 3

Tools that are used by the business executive to manage the team are as follows.

  • Team...

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