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  1. Explain the major diameter of a thread.

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Step 1

A thread can be defined as the ridge which is wrapped around the cylinder. The wrapping can be in the form of helix. The threads are used to convert rotational motion in liner motion and vice versa.

The threads can be of two types

  1. External threads: The external threads are provided on the outer surface of the part.
  2. Internal threads: These threads are provided on the inside surface of the part.
Step 2

Diameters of the Thread: There are mainly three diameters on a thread

  1. Major diameter
  2. Minor diameter
  3. Pitch diameter
Step 3

In simple terms the major diameter for a screw is the outside diameter of the screw. Major diameter is also known as full diameter or the outside diameter. It is...

Minor Diameter
Major Diamcter

Image Transcriptionclose

Minor Diameter Major Diamcter


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