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Explain the meaning of the term hypothesis as used in inferential statistics.


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Step 1

Hypothesis testing:

         Hypothesis testing was introduced by R.A.Fisher (Ronald Fisher).

It is a statistical method that is used to make a decision in comparison of two datasets. Basically it is an assumption that we make about the population parameter.


It is used to take a decision about the whole population.

The value of sample statistic is moreover equal to the value of population parameter.

This is mainly used in interpret of experimental data.

Step 2

Null hypothesis:

         It defines that there is no significant difference between the two population means.

Alternative hypothesis:

         It defines that there is a significant difference between the two population means

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Step 3

Level of significance:

         Based on significance level, either we accept or reject the null hypothesis.

If the p-value is less than the level of significa...

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