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Explain the structure of NMJ and name the steps of muscle stimulation in orde


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Step 1

Neuromuscular junction a point between the axon and the muscle fiber. Skeletal muscle contraction is stimulated by motor neuron activity.

A neuromuscular junction has the following components:

The synaptic knob: It is the extended tip of an axon in a motor neuron through which a nerve impulse travels. The cytoplasm of the synaptic knob contains a number of synaptic vesicles filled with neurotransmitter molecules such as acetylcholine (ACh).

The synaptic cleft: It is a narrow space present between the synaptic knob and the motor endplate. The motor endplate: It is a specialized site present in the sarcolemma. It is composed of folds and depressions to increase the surface area.

ACh receptors:  They are present in the motor endplate.

The enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE): It is located in the synaptic cleft that breaks down molecules of ACh rapidly. ACh is released into the synaptic cleft abundantly. Thus, AChE is required to inhibit the continuous stimulation of the muscle.


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