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Explain what happens to each of the following as the reaction proceeds: -Cu Electrode-Pt Electrode- [Cu2+]-[Fe2+]-[Fe3+]-Ecell The half reactions are:(Fe^3+) + (e-)-->Fe2+Cu(s)-->(Cu^2+) + 2e- I have already drawn out the galvanic cell.


Explain what happens to each of the following as the reaction proceeds: 

-Cu Electrode

-Pt Electrode

- [Cu2+]





The half reactions are:

(Fe^3+) + (e-)-->Fe2+

Cu(s)-->(Cu^2+) + 2e-


I have already drawn out the galvanic cell. 

Step 1

–Cu Electrode:

When the reaction starts to proceed, at the Cu electrode oxidation reaction takes places and it gives Cu2+ ions.  Here, the Cu electrode acts as anode.

Step 2

–Pt electrode:

Pt electrode is an inert electrode which is immersed in an aqueous solution of ion compounds.  It helps in transfer of electrons rather than exchanging ions with the solution.

Step 3


 Due oxidation reaction taking place at the Cu electrode, Cu2+ ions are produced.  Theref...


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