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Explain why populations are sampled and describe four methods to sample a population.


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Step 1

The population consists of all the data points and usually populations are very large. A sample is a portion of population selected to estimate the parameters of population through statistics.
In general populations are very large and it is very difficult to analyse complete population. So studying a subset of population (sample) to estimate the parameters of population reduce the cost and work. 

Step 2

There are multiple ways to sample a population.
1. Random Sampling :
Each element in the population has an equal chance of occurring or probability of being selected. For example all the individuals in the population are numbered and pick numbers randomly to select the sample.
Simple random sampling reduces the selection bias and it also have disadvantage that the individuals with characteristic of interest are not selected enough in the sample.

Step 3

2. Systematic Sampling:
Individuals are selected at regular intervals from a population to form a sample. The interval is based on the sample size required.
For example if there are 5000 individuals in the po...

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