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Explain, with an equation, how the Group II ions can be precipitated as sulfides leaving the Group IV ions insolution even though both form insoluble sulfides.


Explain, with an equation, how the Group II ions can be precipitated as sulfides leaving the Group IV ions in
solution even though both form insoluble sulfides.

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Group II cations are those which are mainly acid insoluble sulfides such as As3+, Bi3+Cu2+, Hg2+ ,Cd2+,Sb3+ and Sn2+.Only these metal ions which  forms insoluble sulfides precipitate as their sulfide salts under acidic conditions .The group reagent used for the identification of these metal ions is H2S gas in the presence of Dilute HCl.

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For the analysis of Group IV cations the reagent used is H2S in presence of Ammonium hydroxide solution. The cations which fall under this category are Ni2+, Co2+, Mn2+ and Zn2+.

Although both of these form insoluble sulfides but the reason that why Group II cation...

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