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Express each result to the proper number of significant figures 

  1. 0.00071+0.002+0.00008
  2. 0.9827-0.06
  3. 14.9164-10.08+3282
  4. 8.13 x 102+8.13 x 103
  5. 1.784 x 104-3.6738 x 103
  6. 5.4989 x 10-3-1.5300 x 10-2

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Step 1

We are authorized to answer three subparts at a time, since you have not mentioned which part you are looking for, so we are answering the first three subparts, please repost your question separately for the remaining subpart.

Step 2

Significant figures are used to express the degree of accuracy of an answer. The rules for identifying significant figures are as follows:

  • Non-zero digits are considered as significant figures. (1 to 9)
  • Zeros between non-zero digits are considered as significant figures. (for example – 2008 has four significant figures.)
  • Zeros that are left to the decimal are not considered as significant figures. (for example – 0000.28 has two significant figures.)
  • On the right side of the decimal place, zeros between decimal and non-zero digits are not considered as significant figures. (for example - 0.0028 has two significant figures.)
  • On the right side of the decimal place, zeros after the non-zero digits are considered as significant figures. (0.28000 has five significant figures.)
Step 3

1.The given problem is 0.00071 + 0.002 + 0.00008.

0.00071 has 2 significant figures, 0.002 has 1 significant figu re and 0.00008 has ...


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= 0.00071+0.002+0.00008 0.00279


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