Express the vectors in Exercises 9–10 in terms of their lengths and directions.

9. 22i + 22j 

10. -i - j 

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A: To show that a unit vector can be expressed as u = (cos u) i + (sin u) j.

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A: Given functions are

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A: Given,

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A: To plot the polar point and determine the all polar coordinates of each point.

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A: Given that height of right circular cone is 7h and the base radius is 4r.

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A: To show that

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A: Condensing the logarithmic expression.

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A: The given point and the plane is,

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A: Given,

Q: Find Taylor series at x = 0 for the functions  1/1 - 2x

A: The Taylor series expansion of a function f(x) at the point x = a can be written as

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Q: In Exercises 1–3, give a geometric description of the set of points in space whose coordinates satis...

A: To describe the geometric curve satisfied by the equation.

Q: Consider the following. 2x2 - 2x – 12 lim x -2 Find the limit of the function (if it exists). (If an...

A: (a) First, calculate the limit by direction substitution, we let x = -2

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A: Consider the given function.

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A: Calculate the Taylor series for the function.Provide the function as shown below: 

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A: Let (a1,a2,a3,....) and (b1,b2,b3,...) are two vectors. Then the dot product is defined by:

Q: How can you estimate the error involved in approximating the sum of an alternating series with one o...

A: The alternating series test:

Q: The given equation is either linear or equivalent to a linear equation. Solve the equation. (If ther...

A: Given,

Q: Calculate the derivative: y = sin2xln(sin22x)

A: The given function is,

Q: 4x² + 5 -dx 3

A: Given, integral is

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A: Given points are R = (2, -1) and S = (-4, 3).First find midpoint P by using midpoint formula as foll...

Q: When do directed line segments in the plane represent the same vector?

A: Vectors are represented by the line segments in which the length of the line segment is called the m...

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A: Taylor series expansion for tan-1x is given by,

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A: The given function is,

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A: Given, vertices of the triangle are

Q: Find the point on the parabola x = t, y = t2, -infinity<=t <=infinity, closest to the point (2...

A: Consider the required point as (x,y)Consider the formula of distance between the two points. 

Q: ) = 5 + 4 sin(x). If f(0) = 3 and f' (0) = 4, what is f(x)? Consider the function f(x) whose second ...

A: Given:

Q: Sketch the surfaces 1.z = 1 + y2 - x2  2. z =-(x2 + y2 ) 3. 4y2 + z2 - 4x2 = 4

A: Used graphing calculator to graph:z = 1 + y^2 - x^2 from two viewing angles

Q: For approximately what values of x can you replace sin x by x - (x3/6) with an error of magnitude no...

A: The Taylor series for sin(x) can be written as:

Q: Find the volume of the solid bounded by the hyperboloid x2 /a2 + y2/ b2 - z2 /c2 = 1 and the planes ...

A: We have given

Q: In real-number multiplication, if uy1 = uy2 and u ≠ 0, we can cancel the u and conclude that y1 = y2...

A: Given:

Q: Show that the vector v = ai + bj is parallel to the line bx - ay = c by establishing that the slope ...

A: We first have to find the slope of the given vector and the line. If the slopes are equal then they ...

Q: If vector AB = i + 4j - 2k and B is the point (5, 1, 3), find A.

A: Given,