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A child applies a force F⃗ F→ parallel to the xx -axis to a 10.0-kgkg sled moving on the frozen surface of a small pond. As the child controls the speed of the sled, the xx -component of the force she applies varies with the xx -coordinate of the sled as shown in the figure

1Calculate the work done by the force F⃗ F→ when the sled moves from xx=0 to xx=8.0m.

2Calculate the work done by the force F⃗ F→ when the sled moves from xx=8.0mm to xx =12.0mm.

3Calculate the work done by the force F⃗ F→ when the sled moves from xx=0 to xx =12.0mm.

F, (N)
: (m)

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F, (N) 10 5 : (m) 12 4


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Step 1



Write the expression for the work done by the force in the interval 0<x<8 m.

Physics homework question answer, step 1, image 1
Step 2



Write the expression for the work done by the...

Physics homework question answer, step 2, image 1

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