Factor completely, if possible. Check your answer: 


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Q: How do I simplify this expression completely?

A: The given expression is,

Q: Find the equation of the line containing the point P(−2, 2) and perpendicular to the graph of 3x + 9...

A: The slope of the line 3x + 9y = −2 is given by,

Q: Raina the trainer has two solo workout plans that she offers her clients: Plan A and Plan B. Each cl...

A: Let x and y be the number of hours for plan A and B workout respectively. On Monday there were 5 cli...

Q: write an equation for the line described (A) through (1,6), undefined slope (B) through(2,6) and (4,...

A: The equation of line passing through (1,6) and having undefined slope can be obtained as follows.

Q: Find the equation of the line containing the point P(4, 5) and parallel to the graph of 4x + y = −1.

A: We first find the slope of 4x+y=-1y=-4x-1compare this with y=mx+bm=-4slope=-4

Q: The graph of f(x) is given above. Determine the domain and range of f^−1(x) using interval notation....

A: The graph of the function f(x): 

Q: alow.P many ways can they sit in a row if the boys and girls are each to sit together? (c) In how ma...

A: It is given that, 6 flags are hanged in a vertical line in which 4 are red and 2 are blue.

Q: Solve the equation. Write numbers as integers or simplified fractions.

A: To solve for y, satisfying the given equation

Q: Find (f o g)(5) and (go f)(5). f(x) 3x-1; g(x)= x2 -3 (f o g)(5) =

A: Given functions are,