Factor the expression by grouping terms.

x5 + x4 + x + 1

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Q: EXAMPLE 8 Solving for One Variable in Terms of Others Solve for the variable M in the equation mM F ...

A: Given, F=GmMr2

Q: Show that the following identities hold.

A:     To show that the identity a2 + b2c2 + d2 = (ac + bd)2 + (ad - bc)2 holds.

Q: If $16,000 is invested at 10% for 20 years, find the future value if the interest is compounded dail...

A: Solution: The objective is to find the future value 

Q: Rationalize the numerator.

A: We have to rationalize the numerator: x+1-x To rationalize we need to multiply and divide by x+1+x, ...

Q: Multiply the algebraic expression using a Special Product Formula, and simplify. (2 - 7y)2

A: The given expression is (2 - 7y)2

Q: Mark each of the following statements true or false: If A and B are n X n matrices, then det(AB) = d...

A: det(AB)=det(BA)

Q: Determine whether the given value is a solution of the equation.

A: The given equation is x-ax-b=ab

Q: Q3: Use the ratio test to investigate the convergence of following series, 00 2nte-n n=1

A: Solution: The objective is to determine whether the given series convergent or not using ratio test

Q: Factor the expression completely. (The type of expression arises in calculus in using the "product r...

A: The given expression is 5x2+442xx-24+x2+454x-23 To factor the expression 

Q: parts a-c

A: Click to see the answer

Q: solve the recurrence relation with the given initial condition.

A: Given: a0=4, a1=1an=an+1-an-24, for n≥2 Roots characteristic reaction Let an=r2, an-1=r, and an-2=1 ...

Q: The given equation is either linear or equivalent to a linear equation. Solve the equation.

A: We have to solve the following linear equation: x-13x-12x-5=0 We keep the terms containing the varia...

Q: Factor out the common factor. 5a - 20

A: Factor  5a-20   To factor it , write the factors for 5  and 20 separately  5a=5·a20=2·2·5 Greatest c...

Q: Please explain the first step on how you got the 2(15-0)+0-0?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: 22 - z - 20 22 - 4z – 5 Simplify: 22 + 9z + 20 22 + 7z + 10

A: the given expression is: x2-x-20x2+9x+20÷x2-4x-5x2+7x+10 we have to simplify the given expression.  ...

Q: Plz solve only question no 1

A: We have to use matrix method in the given question to solve two equations.

Q: Please solve very soon completely

A: Given :  91÷13The original set of pieces is 13 longs and 7 unitsTo set up the divisions these pieces...

Q: i need help with this question thanks for your time in advance

A: Solution: The objective is to find the required values

Q: Solve by graphing. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. Use the parameters x and y as necess...

A: We have to solve by graph

Q: parts a-c

A: Click to see the answer

Q: A survey of 200 people yielded the following information: 96 people owned a Blu-ray player, 129 owne...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: If A is a skew-symmetric n X n matrix and n is odd, prove that det A = 0.

A: Since A is a skew-symmetric matrix we have,  AT=-A where AT is the transpose of matrix A. Then we ge...

Q: Set up and solve an equation for the following business situation. Suppose a certain company sells r...

A: Given ,  Suppose a certain company sells regular keyboards for $82 and wireless keyboards for $110. ...

Q: Solve the given linear equation.

A: The given linear system is: 12x+7=3

Q: Simplify the fractional expression. (Expression like these arise in calculus.)

A: Given  1x+h2-1x2h

Q: Factor the sum or difference of cubes. y3 - 64

A: We have to factor the difference of cubes: y3-64 We have 64=4×4×4=43 Therefore, y3-64=y3-43 We know ...

Q: Factor the expression completely. x2 - 14x + 48

A: Factor the expression completely. x2 - 14x + 48

Q: Let f(x) = x²+ 6x - 2. Find f(-6). %3D f(-6) =

A: Given,  Function: f(x) = x2 + 6x - 2 We need to calculate the value of f(-6) i.e the value of functi...

Q: Multiply the algebraic expressions using the FOIL method, and simplify. (x + 3y)(2x - y)

A: Given algebraic expression is: x+3y2x-y We have to multiply this expression.

Q: Simplify the rational expression.

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Factor the expression and simplify. (a2 - 1)b2 - 4(a2 - 1)

A: We have to factor the expression: a2-1b2-4a2-1 Factorization is the process of taking common outside...

Q: what is the answer

A: Here we have given two functions f(x) and g(x) . f(x) = 2x + 5andg(x) = x2 And we have to find the v...

Q: When Sara Whitehorse changed jobs, she rolled over the $43,650 in her retirement account into two si...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Evaluate the determinant. 4 1.3 . 2 -2 1 1 4

A: The given determinant of the matrix is, 4132-21214. The objective is to evaluate the determinant.

Q: Factor the difference of squares. (x + 3)2 - y2

A: Our Aim is to factor the difference of squares:-(x+3)2-y2  -(i)

Q: Factor the difference of squares. 16y2 - z2

A: Reframe the expression to make complete square of the terms. 4y2-z2

Q: Factor the expression completely. y2 - 8y + 15

A: Factor the expression completely. y2 - 8y + 15 This is a quadratic equation. We know that it has two...

Q: An object dropped from a height of 400 feet has a height, h(t), in feet after tt seconds have elapse...

A: An object dropped from a height of 400 feet has a height, h(t), in feet after t seconds have elapsed...

Q: EXAMPLE 2 Multiplying Binomials Using FOIL (2x + 1)(3x - 5) = 6x? – 10x + 3x – 5 Distributive Proper...

A:                                            There is also a special method, useful only for a two-ter...

Q: Factor the expression completely. 18y3x2 - 2xy4

A: The given expression is, 18y3x2-2xy4 The objective is to find the complete factors of the expression...

Q: Algebra Question

A: solve the equation