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FeI2⋅4H2OSpell out the full name of the compound.

Spell out the full name of the compound.
Step 1

We have to write the chemical name for FeI2⋅4H2O.

Step 2

Identify the cation and anion in FeI2⋅4H2O-

Cation – Fe2+ -Ferrous or Iron (II)

Anion – IIodide

Thus, name of FeI2 is ferrous iodide or Iron (II) iodide.

Step 3

But the compound also has 4 molecules of water attached. Therefore, the given compound is a hydrate of ferrous iodide.

A hydrate (AB.nH2O) is named by starting the name of ionic compound (AB) followed by a numerical prefix and the suf...

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