Find log(1/1000)









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Q: A line that includes the points (-8,-4) has a slope of 1/2. What is its equation in slope-intercept ...

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Q: Find the total surface area of hexagonal prism apothem 5.2 inches (A=B+1/2PI) show all calculations...

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Q: Question Factor the difference of squares. 16y4 – 4y2 The factored form of 16y -4y2 is

A: Find factor

Q: y 57 4- 3 2 -5 -4 3 -2 -1 0 2 3 4 f(2). a) Find b) Find f(-2). c) Write an equation for the piecewis...

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Q: Please Anwser the questions and make it easy to read

A: We have to find all the term

Q: Decide whether the statement is true or false.   The equation 4(x−8)=4x−32 is an example of an ident...

A: 4(x−8)=4x−32 ⇒4x - 4×8 = 4x - 32 ⇒ 4x - 32 = 4x -32     Add 32 on both sides ⇒4x - 32 + 32 = 4x -32 ...

Q: The area of a circle, A, in terms of its radius, r, is given by A(r) = ar2. The radius in terms of i...

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Q: 3. (a) The complex conjugate of 3  4i is 3  4i  .(b) 13  4i2 13  4i2  .

A: a) Complex conjugate of 3+4i is, By definition, For a complex number z=x+yi, its complex conjugate i...

Q: What are the values of x that make the next series convergent (sin(x))" n n=1

A: To find the values of x for which the fpllowing series converges                                ∑n=1...

Q: Sharing a Job Candy and Tim share a paper route. It takesCandy 70 min to deliver all the papers, and...

A: Candy take 70 min to deliver all the papers Tim takes 80 min to deliver all the papers

Q: c) Determine the Cartesian form of the following equations. i) x = sin{(R + 1)t}, y = cos{2(R + 1)t}...

A: Given: x=sinR+1t, y=cos2R+1t We know that cos2x=1-2sin2x                                            ...

Q: r: %D

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Q: If 3  4i is a solution of a quadratic equation with realcoefficients, then is also a solution of th...

A: To solve the given problem.

Q: A parallelogram has diagonals determined by the vectors. Show that the parallelogram is a rhombus (a...

A: Given: A parallelogram has diagonals determined by the vectors d1=220 and d2=  1-1  3

Q: Suppose u1, ūz and ūz are linearly independent. Let īj = ủ1+ ủ2, 02 = ủ1 + ủ3 and ī3 = ū2 + 2ūz. Pro...

A: Given: Let u1→,u2→,u3→ are linearly independant. Let v1,→=u1→+u2→,v2,→=u1→+u3→,v3→=u2→+2u3→

Q: Translate the following application into an algebraic equation: "In a group of voters, one-fifth of ...

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Q: Doing the Job Abbie paints twice as fast as Beth and threetimes as fast as Cathie. If it takes them ...

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Q: Proposition 10.4. Let Sc N. If S is infinite, then S does not have a largest (with respect to the us...

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Q: 6. The temperature of an object in degrees Fahrenheit after t minutes is represented by the equation...

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Q: 20. What is the value of the 4th term of the expansion of (y + 2z)°? 16y"z 448y 23 25628

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Q: Algebra Question

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Q: Find the slope of the line that passes through the points given in the first column and match them w...

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Q: Suppose Set B contains 335 elements and the total number of elements in either Set A or Set B is 608...

A: Given  Number of elements in B = 335  Number of elements in either set A or set B = 608 number of el...

Q: The Ace Insurance Company has a special plan for safe drivers. For each year that a driver has no ti...

A: Given that, In the Ace Insurance company has a special plane for safe drivers. The premium is reduce...

Q: C F A- B D. 6. In the figure above, CD 1 AB, ED bisects ZADC, and FD bisects ZBDC. Which of the foll...

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Q: Determine whether the equation below has a one solutions, no solutions, or an infinite number of sol...

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Q: G={x∣x∈Nand149<x≤173} G has  _______  subset  g has _______ proper subset

A: Here  set G=x|x∈N and 149<x≤173 we have to find number of subset and proper subset of G

Q: The factored form of 400z?+40z +1 is .2

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Q: 33–44 ■ Using FOIL Multiply the algebraic expressions usingthe FOIL method, and simplify

A: “Since you have asked multiple question, we will solve the first question for you. If you  want any ...

Q: F(x)=xsquared +8x, find the rate of change of f(x) on the interval [3,3+h].

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Q: b. Write the set of natural numbers less than 23 needed) orete answ ers aS

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Q: Algebra Question

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Q: We do: You do: 1/2 1/3 4. -2 8. -1 16 3. 32 3. 1 4. 64 9. Common Ratio: Common Ratio: y-intercept: y...

A: Given:

Q: 69–86 ■ Operations with Algebraic Expressions Perform theindicated operations.

A: “Since you have asked multiple question, we will solve the first question for you. If you  want any ...

Q: Solve the system of linear equations by substitution. Enter your answer as an ordered pair. 4x-y = -...

A: We have to solve the linear equation by substitution  We have  4x-y=-1 -5x+4y=-7

Q: Mixture Problem A jeweler has five rings, each weighing18 g, made of an alloy of 10% silver and 90% ...

A: To find the amount of silver need to add.

Q: 6 -1 Let A =| 0 -2 and B . Compute (AB)". Show your work. 4 3

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Q: On a graph there is a line that has an equation of y=-1/3x-3 another line runs perpendicular through...

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Q: 73–76 ■ Domain Determine the values of the variable forwhich the expression is defined as a real num...

A: 73. 16-9x2 Function is defined if  16-9x2≥0⇒9x2≤16⇒x2≤169⇒-43≤x≤43 Domain of the function is -43,43.

Q: 1. х - 2 %3D 11 Is 9 the solution? 2. 3y = 24 Is 7 the solution? m 3. = 5 Is 10 the solution? 2

A: “Since you have posted a question with multiple sub-parts, we will solve first three subparts for yo...

Q: 14

A:      f(x) = {x2      if x < 0x+5   if x ≥ 0  1) On putting value of x = -4        f(-4) = (-4)2  ...

Q: For what value of c does the equation x^2 - 10x + c = 0 have one solution

A: Given equation is x2-10x+c=0 find the value of c , which has one solution 

Q: For the complex number 3  4i the real part is ,and the imaginary part is

A: Complex number: The complex number is 3+4i For any complex number a+ib the real part is a the imagin...

Q: 30x25

A: To determine: The multiplication of numbers 30 and 25 that is 30 x 25     

Q: True or false?

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Q: True or false?

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Q: u and v are binary vectors. Find u + v ..u= [1,1,0,1,0],v=[0,1,1,1,

A: Given that, u and v are binary vectors. u= [ 1,1,0,1,0 ],  v=[ 0,1,1,1,1 ] To find the u + v

Q: Explain how we rationalize a denominator, then complete thefollowing steps to rationalize

A: 13

Q: Solve 11x <176.

A: Given,  The inequality  11x &lt; 176  We have to solve it.   

Q: Determine whether the angle between u and v is acute, obtuse, or a right angle. u = [1,2, 3,4],v = [...

A: We have given two vectors : u=1234 and v=-312-2 We have to determine the angle between them.