Find parametric equations for the lines in The line through the point P(3, -4, -1) parallel to the vector
i + j + k

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Q: Evaluate | (3t + t²) sin(2t) dt


Q: Use a table of integrals to find the indefinite integral ∫cot4 θ dθ

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A: To determine: The average rate of change of the function f(x) = 9x2 - 8 on the interval [4, b]. Form...

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A: Given, the system                     We have to solve this system by using row reduction.

Q: lim e


Q: Find the general indefinite integral.

A: The power rule of integral is,

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A: We find the limit x → ∞ of the ratio of the two functions.

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Q: Use reference angles to find the exact value of the expression cos 3π/4. Do not use a calculator.

A:   The given angle is in second quadrant, and the value of cosine is negative in second quadrant.    

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A: Definition: Even function. If we evaluate or substitute -x into f(x) and get the original or startin...

Q: Evaluate or simplify the expression without using a calculator: ln e

A: A logarithm is used to denote how much power the base should be so that it can match the number. For...

Q: please see attached

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Q: Given, f(x) = 6x3 + x2 - 4x + 1. Solve,  a. List all possible rational roots or rational zeros. b. U...

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A: Given

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Q: if w: Peaig, 2) -12 ln xy +tan 2 %3D find > 오 2 at (,)


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A: Area under a curve: The area under a curve y = f(x) between the points x = a and x = b or over the i...

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Q: Use a table of values to estimate the value of thelimit. If you have a graphing device, use it to co...


Q: I've manage to solve part a), but I can not simplify part b) for f(a+b)-f(a)/ h to show my steps to ...

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Q: Ali is trying to find the limit of a function which is expressed as L = lim x→0+ (1 + x)1/x . From h...

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Q: Find the reference angle for the angle -410°

A: The angle is -410° We need to find the reference angle of it  

Q: The height (in centimeters) at time t (in seconds) of a small mass oscillating at the end of a sprin...

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Q: 9. -l x(x+5) dx converges, so the series converges. x3D


Q: Find the general solution of the following equation. Express the solution explicitly as a function o...

A: Given, The differential equation is,                                        

Q: A discount pass for a bridge costs $21 per month. The toll for the bridge is normally $2.50, but it ...

A: Given: A discount pass for a bridge costs $21 per month. The toll for the bridge is normally $2.50, ...

Q: What does Euler’s Method allow you to do?

A: Euler's method allows to approximate the solution of the first order differential equation.

Q: Differentiate

A: Given To find v’(x).

Q: y"(x)-4y'(x)+4y(x) = eax,a E R %3D

A: Given Let’s plug y'=D Hence, Auxiliary equation becomes Complimentary function will be  

Q: What does it mean to factor completely?

A: Factor the expression completely means to continuously factor terms until they are in simple terms, ...

Q: Evaluate the integral. (Use C for the constant of integration.) | sin (0) cos°(0) de

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Q: Explain why y = x2 − 3 is not the inverse of y =x + 3. What is the inverse? What’s the main idea her...

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