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Find the amplitude, period and frequency of the simple harmonic motion of a particle moving uniformly around a circle of radius 3 Units, with angular speed of 2 rad/sec. 


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Step 1

We are given that a particle is moving uniformly around a circle of radius 3 units, with angular speed of 2 radians /second. 

We know that circular motion can be modeled by sine or cosine function as these functions are periodic with period 2pi.

Let us first figure out the period of the given scenario. Since angular speed is 2 radians per second. Therefore, particle covers 2 radians in 1 second. Since 2 radians are covered in 1 second, therefore, 1 radian would be covered in 1/2 second. Thus, 2pi radians will be covered in (2pi)*(1/2) = pi seconds.

Therefore, period of the given function would be pi.

Step 2

Since we know that amptitude of the periodic function modelling a circular motion is equal to radius of the circul...

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