Find the angle labeled 0. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
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Find the angle labeled 0. (Round your answer to one decimal place.) = 4 75 6

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Trigonometric Ratios

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A: Given

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A: Using the law of sines, we get

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A: Given that,

Q: Find the measure of the smaller angle formed by the hands of a clock at the following time  5:25

A: Given:A clock at 5:25

Q: with x in QIV and find the following. 8 Let cos x = cot 2x

A: Since x is in 4th quadrant, there sin x will be negative. sinx =-sqrt(15)/8 when cos x= 7/8 (given)

Q: 12 with A in QII and sin B = - 13 15 with B in QIII. Find sin(A + B), cos(A + B), and tan(A + B) 17 ...

A: Refer to the question, we have to find the value of sin(A+B) , cos(A+B) and tan(A+B) when provided w...

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A: Consider the given question as 2 cases.

Q: tanx - tany = sin(x+y)/cosxcosy

A: The given identity to be proved is,