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Find the anitlog of each of the following logarithms 

  1. 0.9569
  2. -5.773
  3. 6.32

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Step 1

It is required to calculate the anti-logarithms of the given numbers and since it is not specified whether to calculate the anti-logarithms using natural log or with logarithm with base 10. Hence calculating both,

Part A



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Natural log = lIn A = 0.9569 Taking antilog, A= e0.9569 A = 2.60 Log with base 10 = log1o A = 0.9569 Taking antilog, A = 100.9569 A = 9.05

Step 2

Part B



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Natural log = lIn A = - 5.773 Taking antilog, A= e-5.773 A = 3.11 x 10-3 Log with base 10 = log10 A = - 5.773 Taking antilog, A = 10-5.773 A = 1.68 x 10-6


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