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Find the critical value tc for the confidence level c=0.98 and sample size n=21


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Step 1


The critical value tc for 98% confidence level with sample size 21:

The confidence level is 98%. That is, the level of significance is 1–0.98 = 0.02. Therefore, α=0.02 and α / 2=0.01. Here, sample size is 21(n).



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degrees of freedom = n-1 = 21-1 = 20 For the t-test, the critical value is: Critical-value t 0.02 ,20 =to01,20

Step 2

From the t-table:

  • Locate the value 20 in the column of degrees of freedom.
  • Locate 0.02 in level of significance of two tailed.
  • The interse...

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