Find the curvature of the plane curve at the given value of the parameter.          r(t) = ti + 1 /9t3j, t = 2

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Applications of Derivative



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A: Given f(x)=7+4x+5x2 Using, f'(x)=dfdx

Q: 13.4 Question 10


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A: Decimal notation is basically expressing the number in the decimal form. Here, we have     Now, we ...

Q: 13.1.031

A: Given, r(t)=t i +(6t - t2)k ......(1) and z=x2+y2 .......(2)  

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A: We have  fx=x2+3x−1tanx Now Differentiate w.r.t "x"  Using Quotient Rule    

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Q: need help with step by step break down on both please

A: We are going to solve question number 4 and for question number 3 please post the question again. Th...

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Q: Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. Then find the slope of the graph at the given point.      xy...

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Q: Derivatives using tables Let h(x) = ƒ(g(x)) and k(x) = g(g(x)).Use the table to compute the followin...

A: Since, h(x)=f{g(x)}⇒h'(x)=f'{g(x)}g'(x)  

Q: Calculus Question

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