Find the derivative

F(x)=x^3(x4/3 -1)

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A: first derivative.

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A: Find f (x(15)) as follows.

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A: Consider given equation:

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A: Given equation with conditions is

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A: Dividing by highest denominator power ie by x 

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Q: cos(2 tan−1(x))

A: Given,

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A: Given,

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A: Given,

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A: (a) Finding the local extremas:

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A: Since we only answer up to 3 sub-parts, we’ll answer the first 3. Please resubmit the question and s...

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A: a) The first answer is wrong. Because the graph is in (0,7).So it is increasing in (0,1)U(3,7)

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A: To find the area under the curve using rectangles, the Reimann sum is used.First, we need to find th...

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Q: see attachment

A: x-coordinate of the point is 

Q: Need help and exlination on solving this problem

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A: Given:Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the...

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Q: 64. Suppose that 3f(x)5 for all values of x. Show that 18 <f(8)- f(2) 30

A: We will make use of Mean Value Theorem. 3 ≤ f'(x) ≤ 5This implies:The function f(x) is continuous an...

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A: In such problems ie second order linear differential equations when we are given one solution,y1 we ...

Q: Q 7. Is cos x| differentiable in (-oo, oo). If so find its derivative. If not, is it differentiable ...

A:  Let us begin with plotting the graph for |cos x|.

Q: step by step on how you would evaluate this function and rounding answer to four decimal places if n...

A: Consider the given function.

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A: to determine the function increasing.

Q: see attachment

A: From the figure, it is observed that

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A: Distribute secx use 1/secx=cos xThen simplify.

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A: To determine the instantaneous rate of change of q with respect to p.

Q: sin ba +sin cxsin dx = 4 ar lim0 Find the Q 8. a, b, c, d are constants such that 3a2547x6 0.) value...

A: The given limit is,   

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A: As a first step, let's find the second derivative of f(x)f(x) = 2x3 + 12x2 + 65x − 44 Recall the fam...

Q: Find the derivative.

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A: Graph the solution to the system of inequalities.

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A: Consider the following spherical coordinates.

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A: To discuss the convergence (or divergence) of the given series

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A: Consider,

Q: see attachment

A: Part(a):Given:

Q: The velocity​ (in feet/second) of a projectile t seconds after it is launched from a height of 10 fe...

A: To estimate the height using numerical integration

Q: y Classify all critical values of the equation, - 2y + 1, as asymptotically stable, unstable, or da ...

A: Given equation is  and the critical points are y = -1, 0, 1.A point is said to be stable when y' &lt...

Q: Locate the critical points and identify which critical points are stationary points. f(x) = |sinx|

A: Given:

Q: Differentiate the function T(z) = 2z log2 z.

A: The given function is,

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A: The given logarithmic equation is ln (x – 6) + ln (x +7) = 1.

Q: Q1. Differentiate g(x) = (x +-)-2 OC

A: Given: