Find the dimensions of a rectangular box of volume 1000
cubic inches for which the sum of the dimensions is minimized.

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Applications of Derivative

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Q: The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 5 units and one angle is 0.6 radian. Determine the length of t...

A: Given:           Length of hypotenuse = 5 units.One angle is 0.6 radians.

Q: Find expressions for marginal revenue in the case when the demand equation is given by 1000 (a) P= v...

A: (a).   The demand equation is: P=100-2Q where Q is the quantity of the product and P is the price pe...

Q: Find the standard equation of the parabola which satisfies the given conditions. Focus (−2,−5), dir...

A: 1.We find standard form of parabola which satisfying the condition Focus (-2,-5) and directrix x=6 T...

Q: Let f(x) = x2 +3x. Use the limit definition of the derivative to find f'(x). You may not use the Pow...

A: Answer and explanation is given below...

Q: A ladder 10 feet long is resting against a wall. If the bottom of the ladder is sliding away from th...

A:       Let the base be x  And the perpendicular be y and length of ladder=10 feet   dxdt=1 feet/sec ...

Q: = 8x + 4+0 dx Example 1: If u(x, y) = x³y² + x² – 3y + 4 find a2u a2u a2u and f) Jyəx e) ду? ди ди a...

A: Given  u = x3y2 +x2 - 3y + 4

Q: Solve the inequality (x + 3)(x − 6)(x − 2)(x + 5) ≥ 0, express your answer in interval notation

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Q: The product of y and 7 is less than or equal to -28

A: Given: y×7≤-28

Q: what would be the output if the 2nd derivative is negative

A: We know that for a function y = f(x), the points of extremum are obtained if the first derivative of...

Q: Evaluate the differential equations:

A: Given Differential equation is  x2+2xy-4y2dx-x2-8xy-4y2dy=0

Q: Find the points of continuity and the points of discontinuity of the greatest integer func-tion (Fig...

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Q: Find the point of diminishing returns (x,y) for the function R(x), where R(x) represents revenue (in...

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Q: Ex2Eulers method dy-y- ニーュー メキー メーコyo o<メ< heoo? ー+hfexョプコロ)

A: We have to find the solution of the equation y'=x-yx+y in the interval 0,1. We have the formula from...

Q: Show that the function f(t) = 1² – } is a solution of the dif- ferential equation (y')² – 4y = 2.

A: Given:       f(t)=t2−12.Differential equation is: (y')2−4y=2

Q: An object is thrown directly upwards from the ground at a velocity of 3m/s. Recalling that the accel...

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Q: Construct angles with the following radian measure. - π /3, - 3π /4, - 7π /2.

A: -π3 , -3π4, -7π2

Q: What is 10% of 75

A: We have to find 10% of 75 

Q: Convert the following to radian measure. 18°, 72°, 150°

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Q: Define trigonometric functions.

A: Trigonometric functions: A function of an angle that is expressed as the ratio of the two sides of a...

Q: Find the slope of the line tangent to the graph of y = sin 2xat x = 5π/4.

A: Slope of the line tangent to the graph of y = sin 2x at x = 5π/4. y(x) = sin 2x y'(x) = (sin 2x)' = ...

Q: Find the derivative of the function by the limit process

A: Given: fx=5x-1

Q: Find the particular solution

A: Given: y+x2+y2dx-xdy; when x=3, y=1.

Q: Find the net change in the value of the function between the given inputs. f(x) = 8 − 3x;    from 4...

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A: Apologies. We only answer one question at a time. We will answer question 3 as the exact one wasn't ...

Q: Find the directional derivative of f(x, y) = cos(x) + y² at (7,2) in the direction of (3, –4).

A: Directional derivative of f(x, y) at (a, b) in the direction of u⇀ is  ∇f(x, y)(a, b)·u⇀ where ∇f(x,...

Q: 1 lim x→11-x .3 —х 1-х*

A: Click to see the answer

Q: (ups" = (In tanx) (x*) ( Sinx) (Ny)" sec"('s %3D 2. %3D

A: Here we apply logarithmic differentiation for both Questions

Q: Show that the function f(1) = (e¯1 + 1)¯' satisfies y' + y² = y, y(0) = }.

A: To prove: ft=e-t+1-1 is a solution of given differential equation y'+y2=y.

Q: Find the points at which the function f in Figure 2.18 is continuous, and the points atwhich f is di...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Find the Second derivaline of y by implicil differentiation from The equaition 4x'+By'= 36 @ 64x? 3 ...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: In Exercises 67–70, use the following function.

A: Click to see the answer

Q: - (2y cosx + sin* x)dx : sin x dy, when x =y= 1 %3D

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Find the four values of t between -2π and 2π at whichsin t = cos t

A: Our Aim is to find the four values of t between -2π and 2π at which sin (t)= cos (t)

Q: |x² +4x=5| Sketch the function: y + 2 = |1-x|

A: Here, we need to sketch the function y+2=x2+4x-51-x. So,             y+2=x2+4x-51-x⇒y=x-1x+51-x-2⇒y=...

Q: Calculus Question

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Q: Find all the trigonometric values of

A: We have given sin θ=-35 It is known that cosec θ=1sin θ cosθ=±1-sin2θ So, cosec θ=-53 and  cos θ=±1-...

Q: In Exercises 1–14, write an equation for the specified line.1. through (1, -6) with slope 3 2. throu...

A: Note:- We’ll answer the first question since we answer only one question at a time. Please submit a ...

Q: Question No.5 Find the particular solution of 9 - 12+ 4y = 3x- 1 given that when x-0, y=0 and

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Q: Find the area of the region between the curve y = sin t andthe t-axis from t = 0 to t = 2π.

A: the area of the region between the curve y = sin t andthe t-axis from t = 0 to t = 2π is defined as ...

Q: Let f(t) be the size of a paramecium population after t days. Suppose that y = f(t) satisfies the di...

A: The given differential equation is: dydt=0.003y500-y Rearranging the terms we get, dy0.003y500-y=dt ...

Q: logs 52x = 8 %3D

A: Click to see the answer

Q: 1) y = x3 + sin x² + sin-1 5x 2) y = 32x + In (sin x²) + In(sin¯' 5x)

A: some functions are given , we have to find its derivative

Q: 13 [* Vx2 +y dydx 00

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Q: Solve the following question?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: You are driving along a country road when you suddenly notice a log in the road ahead of you and imm...

A: distance of s(t)=65t−5t2 feet in t seconds afte

Q: Use directional derivative definition to find derivative of V3. f(x,y) = x² + y² at the direction of...

A: to find the directional derivative of  f(x,y)=x²+y² at direction of u=(√3/2)i+(1/2)j at point (1,2) ...

Q: Find f''(x) for f(x)=x^2

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Q: 1) Find dy/dx if : y = ln (tan¬x)

A: Explanation of the solution is given below....

Q: What does it mean when we say that the sine and cosine functions are periodic with period 2π?

A: Given: sine and cosine function

Q: Find the shaded area A4 in the given figure below

A: Here we have to find the area A4=?