Asked Oct 7, 2019

Find the equation of the line that contains the point

P(−4, −3)

and is perpendicular to the graph of

y = − 4/5x − 2.



Expert Answer

Step 1

To determine the equation of the straight line satisfying the given properties

Step 2

The equation of a straight line is of the form y=mx+c, where m represents the slope of the line. Determine m from the perpendicularity condition


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ymx+cis perpendicular 4x - 2 to y 5 product of slopes = -1 -4 -1m 5 5 mx 4

Step 3

To find c, use the fact that the line passes through P(-4,-3)...


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5 x+c passes through 4 (x, y) (-4,-3) 5 so,-3 =(-4)+c c=2. 4


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