Find the exact value of the expression using the provided information.

Find sin(s + t) given that cos s = - 1/4, with s in quadrant III, and cos t=-3/5 with t in quadrant III

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A: It is given that cos theta = 1/8 and 3pi/2<theta<2pi.

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Q: photo attached

A: Given information:

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A: Let z = 1-iFirst write z in polar formr = sqrt((1)2 + (-1)2) = sqrt(2) = tan-1(-1/1) = tan-1(-1)=&gt...

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A: Note that, the general form is

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A: Compute the value of cos11pi/3 as follows.

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A: First draw a rough sketch of the situation.

Q: Solving

A: Given,

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A: Consider the given angle.

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A: Known facts:

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A: Given:

Q: given: cos theta=1/8 and 3pi/2&lt;theta&lt;2pi. Find and simplify the exact value of: -cos theta/2

A: Consider the given equation:

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A: 360 degrees of angle measure is same as 2π radians.Hence, Hence 45 degrees is given in radians as:

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A: Given equation is

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A: Find the exact value

Q: How do you graph sin(x) with a horizontal or vertical stretch, such as 2sin(4(pi/2))?

A: To draw the graph of transforms of y= sin(x)

Q: Use identities to write each expression as a function of θ.cos (θ + 270°)

A: The given expression is

Q: see attachment

A: Given: A triangle ABC as in the figure below below. Suppose that

Q: see attachment

A: To prove that

Q: photo attached

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Q: photo attached

A: If tanA= -√3 then.what is tan2A