Find the missing length for each triangle in the illustration below.
Find the missing length
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Find the missing length

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A: The given equation is x-ax-b=ab

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A: Given: a  x+52=x2+25b   x+a2 Formula Used: a+b2=a2+2ab+b2

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A: Given 3x24x-122+x3(2)(4x-12)(4)

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Q: This question is related to Numerical Method.

A: To find the root correct upto 4 decimal by using bisection method xsinx-1=0, x0=0, x1=2

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A: Given 3+52

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A: Since nothing is mentioned about the operation  to be performed on the above given equation, I will ...

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A: We have to use matrix method in the given question to solve two equations.

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A: Given  Rate of 1st plan is 25 cents per minute Second plan charge $34.95 plus 10 cents per minute

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A: Given: a 1x3b 1x56c 1x37 To Find: To convert the given expressions into standard form by rationalizi...

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A: Given ,  Suppose a certain company sells regular keyboards for $82 and wireless keyboards for $110. ...

Q: Multiply vertically.     5x − 13 × 4x + 1

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Q: Multiply the algebraic expressions using the FOIL method, and simplify. (4s - 1)(2s + 5)

A: The given expression is (4s - 1)(2s + 5)   Apply FOIL method:  a+bc+d=ac+ad+bc+bd

Q: The graph of y =log(3x) has..

A: Given,          The equation is y=log3x.

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Q: 80 = - 18 Solve the rational equation: m + Answer: m = Enter your answers as a list of integers or r...

A: Given: m+80m=-18

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A:   Given :           x - xyy - yx To perform multiplication or division and to simplify.