Find the missing numerator that will make the rational expressions equivalent.








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Q: Solve the following system of equations.  2x+5y=1 X-6y=-8

A: Write x as a function of y in the second equation. 

Q: Number 24 .  How do I graph this equation? Do I just pick three points?

A: To draw the graph of the below equation.

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A: Refer to the question as you have send me multiple questions so according to the code of conduct I w...

Q: Determine the simple intrest. p=$1091.75, r=1 5/8 %,t= 4 months The simple intrest on $ 1091.75 at 1...

A: p=$1091.75, r=1 5/8 %,t= 4 monthsr=1 5/8% = 1.625% = 0.01625 per month

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Q: (4-x2)/(3x2-x-10)•(6x)/(8x+16)

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Nine ounces of an insecticide are mixed with 15 gal of water to make a spray for spraying an orange ...

A: Let x be the additional insecticide which is required to mix with 100 gal of water. Here the proport...

Q: 1/2t+2/3 = 1/3-t Solve.

A: Firstly, bring all the terms containing t on the left-hand side of the equation.

Q: Write augmented the matrix corresponding to the following system of linear equations. 2x, + + 2x3 2 ...

A: There are two equations with 3 variables given in the question.Hence, its augmented matrix is a 2 by...