please solve and show your work

Find the quotient and remainder using long division
623 + 8a? — 5х
За — 2
The quotient is
The remainder is
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Find the quotient and remainder using long division 623 + 8a? — 5х 1 За — 2 The quotient is Preview The remainder is Preview

- 3a3 - 2022 - 37x - 32
За + 5
in the form
Я(a) +
За + 5
-33 2022- 37x - 32
За + 5
За + 5
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Rewrite - 3a3 - 2022 - 37x - 32 За + 5 in the form r(x) Я(a) + За + 5 -33 2022- 37x - 32 За + 5 За + 5 +

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