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Hello. How do you calculate this question on a TI-83? Thanks.


Find the standard error of the slope from the following bivariate data:
Select one:
a. 0.182 x
b. 0.394
C. 0.465
d. 0.750

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Find the standard error of the slope from the following bivariate data: Select one: a. 0.182 x b. 0.394 C. 0.465 d. 0.750


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The TI-83 does not give the standard error of the regression slope directly. The regression output from the calculator can be used to find the standard error.

The steps are given below.

  1. Enter the given data into the lists L1 and L2.
  2. Press STAT TESTS menu and scroll down the cursor to select the “LinRegTTest.
  3. On the LinRegTTest input screen enter Xlist: L1;Ylist: L2.
  4. In the next line, at the prom...

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