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Find two z values, one positive and one negative, that are equidistant from the mean so that the area in the two tails add up to the following values:

a.  5%

b. 10%

c.  1%


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Step 1


The 100 (1 – α) % confidence interval for the population mean for given population standard deviation, σ is: ( – (/2­) (σ/√n), + (/2) (σ/√n)).

Here, n is the sample size, is the sample mean, and /2 is the critical value of the normal distribution, above which, 100 (α/2) % or α/2 proportion of the observations lie.

Note that, the 100 (1 – α) % confidence interval implies that 100 (1 – α) % of the observations lie within the interval. So, 100α % observations lie outside of the interval. This implies that 100 (α/2) % of the observations will lie below the lower limit of the interval, while 100 (α/2) % will lie above its upper l...

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