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First, launch NetBeans and close any previous projects that may be open (at the top menu go to File ==> Close All Projects).
Then create a new Java application called "MinMax" (without the quotation marks) that declares an array of doubles of length 5, and uses methods to populate the array with user input from the command line and to print out the max (highest) and min (lowest) values in the array.


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Step 1

Program Approach-

Define the class named MinMax and define the main method. Create an array of type double   and define its length value as 5. Call the method to populate the array named insertArray. Call the method to find minimum and maximum value in the array named MaxMin

Define the insertArray method and implement it. Use for-loop to store the array. Display the input arguments and prompt the user to enter the numbers in the array from the command line.

Define the findMaxMin method and declare the required variables. Use another for-loop to compute and compare the minimum and maximum values in array

Display the maximum and minimum value from the given array.

Step 2

Code(in java)-

//creating the application named MinMax

public class MinMax


   // defining the main method

   public static void main(String[] args)


       //creating an array of type double

       //length given is five

       double[] ia = new double[5];

       //calling the method to populate array


       //calling the method to find minimum and maximum in the array




   //Implement the method to get the values

   //from the command line arguments

   private static void insertArray (String[] args,double[] ia)


       System.out.println("The input array is:");

       //Take the five arguments from command line from the user

       //and store them in the insertArray

       for(int s=0;s<args.length;s++)


           //converting from string to double


           //Display the input arguments

           System.out.print(args[s]+" ");




   //Implementing method to find minimum and maximum array

   public static void findMaxMin(double[] ar)


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