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Fiven Pr[E] =.25 and Pr(E u F) = .55, determine Pr[F]. (if the events are independent.


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Step 1

Given data

Pr(E) = 0.25

Pr (E u F) = 0.55

If ...

If the events are independent
Pr(E n F) Pr(E) x Pr(F)
Pr(E U F) Pr(E) Pr(F) Pr(E n F
=> 0.55 0.25 Pr(F) (1 - Pr(E))
=>0.55 - 0.25 = Pr(F) (1 -0.25)
=> Pr(F)
= 0.4

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If the events are independent Pr(E n F) Pr(E) x Pr(F) Now Pr(E U F) Pr(E) Pr(F) Pr(E n F => 0.55 0.25 Pr(F) (1 - Pr(E)) =>0.55 - 0.25 = Pr(F) (1 -0.25) 0.30 => Pr(F) = 0.4 0.75


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