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Fluid Mechanics: Dimensional Analysis:

The maximum rise in a small capillary tube is a function of the diameter of the tube, the surface tension, and the specific weight of the liquid. Using the step-by-step method, determine what the significant pi groups are for the problem.

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Step 1

Solve using step by step method as follows:

The dimensions in MLT system for rise (h), diameter (d), surface tension, and specific weight are given below:

h L
d L

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h L d L y=ML'T

Step 2


The maximum rise is the function of diameter, surface tension, and specific weight of liquid is expressed as,


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h-f(d,a,y) MT{MT

Step 3

Step: 2

The three dimensions are MLT, eliminate them by division or multiplication of the variable.

Select the variable surface tension...

h f

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*-2) h f


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