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If 35.00 mL of .1104 M NaOH were used to reach the neutral point, how many moles of NaOH were dispensed? 

Then, using the correct mole ration, convert the moles of NaOH into moles of citric acid: 


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Step 1


35.00 mL of 0.1104 M NaOH.

Determine the moles of NaOH as follows,


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Mole Volume (in litres) x Molarity 0.035 Lx 0.1104 0.003864 moles The no. of moles of NaOH used is 0.003864 moles

Step 2

The reaction between NaOH and citric...


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Na,CH,O ) + 3н,О СН.Ог + 3Naон, (aq) (a4)


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