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For Exercises 75-78, shade the area in the complex plane.
75. (z = a + bila < 3, b 2 2)
76. (z = a + bi |a 2-1, 6 < 3)
77. (z = a + bi ||z| < 3}
78. (z = a + bi ||z| 2 2}

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For Exercises 75-78, shade the area in the complex plane. 75. (z = a + bila < 3, b 2 2) 76. (z = a + bi |a 2-1, 6 < 3) 77. (z = a + bi ||z| < 3} 78. (z = a + bi ||z| 2 2}


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Step 1

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#75) Given {Z=a+ib | a<3 , b≥2}

Let x+iy is any point in the set. 

So we get x<3 and y≥2

Step 2

We draw x=3 and y=-2...

Calculus homework question answer, step 2, image 1

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