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For the complete redox reactions given here, write the half-reactions and identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. Make sure your answer has the simplest coefficients.

(b) Cl2 + 2NaBr→2NaCl + Br2




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Step 1

The given chemical equation is represented as follows:


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Step 2

Redox reaction are those reactions in which oxidation (loss of electrons) and reduction (gain of electrons) of elements takes place simultaneously.

An oxidant is an element that reduces another element and itself gets oxidized whereas a reductant is an element that oxidizes another element and itself gets reduced.

Step 3

According to the reaction there is increase in oxidation state of Br from -1 to 0 and decrease in oxidation state of Cl2 from 0 to -1 that means oxidation of Br and redu...


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Oxidation Half reaction : 2Br Br, +2e Reduction Half reaction: Cl, + 2e -»2CI


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