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For the equations below, which molecule is oxidized and which is reduced? H2S + NAD+ --> NADH + S + H+G3P + NAD+ + Pi --> 1,3dPGA + NADH


For the equations below, which molecule is oxidized and which is reduced?


H2S + NAD+ --> NADH + S + H+

G3P + NAD+ + Pi --> 1,3dPGA + NADH

Step 1

The chemical reaction of losing and accepting electrons is known as a redox reaction. In a redox reaction, one reactant is oxidized and the other one is reduced simultaneously.

Step 2

If in a chemical reaction a compounds loss its electron, then it is described as oxidized. While if a molecule has accepted an additional electron in the chemical reaction, the molecule is described as reduced .

In the given chemical reaction, the H2S loses it...

NADH + S+ H*|

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