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For the following reaction, 0.104 moles of zinc oxide are mixed with 8.64 grams of water.

zinc oxide (s) + water (l) zinc hydroxide (aq)

What is the FORMULA for the limiting reagent?




What is the maximum amount of zinc hydroxide that can be formed? moles


Expert Answer

Step 1

The given balanced reaction is as follows,


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ZnO (s)H,0(1) Zn(OH) -> Given ZnO (s) moles 0.104 moles H2O(1) mass 8.64 g

Step 2

The moles of water present ...


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ZnO(s) moles = 0.104 moles 8.64 mass H,0(1)moles 18.02 g/mol Molar mass 0.479 moles


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