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For the following reaction, if 0.503 mole NH3 reacts with 0.356 mole O2, which is the limiting reagent for the product NO? (Balance Equation)

NH3 (g) + O2 (g)---- NO (g) + H2O (l)


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Step 1

The given reaction is shown below.


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NH, (8)+ONO(g)+H20(1)

Step 2

The given reaction is unbalanced; the number of hydrogen atom in reactant side is 3, whereas in product side is 2. Therefore, the first step is to balance the given reaction by multiplying it with some coefficient as shown below.


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4NH, (g)+50,4NO (g)+6H,0(1)

Step 3

It is given that 0.503 mole of NH3 reacts with 0.356 mole of O2 to form the desired product. From the reaction, it is clear that 4 mole of ammonia reacts with...


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4 mol of NH =5 mol of O2 x0.503 mol of O2 4 0.503 mol of NH =0.628 mol of O,


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