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For this problem, carry at least four digits after the decimal in your calculations. Answers may vary slightly due to rounding.

In a random sample of 65 professional actors, it was found that 39 were extroverts.

(a) Let p represent the proportion of all actors who are extroverts. Find a point estimate for p. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

(b) Find a 95% confidence interval for p. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)
lower limit      
upper limit      



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Step 1

It is given that 39 are extroverts out of 65 professional actors.

Step 2


The point estimate for p is 0.6000 (=39/65).


The 95% confidence ...


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CI pt n f0.6000 x (1-0.6000) 0.6000 0.05 65 0.6000 x (1-0.6000) (. Using standard nomal table =0.6000 1.96, 65 (0.48,0.72)


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