In an experiment to demonstrate the photoelectric effect, physics students allow light of various frequencies to fall on a metal surface in a photocell. The photoelectrons are decelerated across a retarding voltage, and the stopping potential, Vs, is measured for each frequency. The data they obtained is graphed in the image attached.

The students use the data points on the graph to determine a value for the work function of the metal.
a) Determine the magnitude and the unit of the work function for this metal surface.

b) What is the maximum kinetic energy (in eV) of the photoelectrons produced when ultraviolet light of frequency 1.93x1016 Hz is incident on the metal surface?

frequency. The data they obtained is graphed in
V, (v)
frequency (x 10
Figure 2
nlue for the work function of t

Image Transcription

frequency. The data they obtained is graphed in S V, (v) 4 3 2 1 X frequency (x 10 Hz) 0 10 9 6 8 2 3 5 1 LI -1 -2 Figure 2 nlue for the work function of t 0O X LO

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