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From what group must the terminal atoms come in an ABx molecule where the central atom is from Group 7A, for the electron-domain geometry to be octahedral and the molecular geometry to be square pyramidal?



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Step 1


ABx is the molecule whose central atom is from group 7A.

Electron domain geometry – Octahedral

Molecular geometry – Square Pyramidal.

The molecular geometry of ABx is square pyramidal, i.e., there are five B atoms surrounding the central A atom as follows:



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В В В. А. В В

Step 2

In the above structure, each bond uses two electrons. Thus, ten valence electrons are used in five A – B bond.

To complete the octet of the structure, each atom of B must have 6 electrons. Thus, the valence electrons used to complete the octet of five atoms of B is –


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6 x 5 30

Step 3

Now, the electron domain geometry is octahedral. So, there must be one lone pair on the central m...


Image Transcriptionclose

B: :В В: : В


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