What is the vertex?

What is the domain and range?

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Q: If a and h are real numbers, find the following values for the given function. f(x) = 5x− 6 (a)    f...

A: Given function is f(x)=5x-6    a and h are real numbers

Q: Determine the height of the cherry tree when the tree is 14 years old using the model Y2. Y2=5.81+6....

A: Determine the height of the cherry tree when the tree is 14 years old using the model Y2.

Q: Evaluate the given sums for number 5

A: Given,

Q: = २ २ Find an equation of the line given the slope and y-Intercept Question Find the equation of the...

A: To determine the equation of line.

Q: A pharmacist has two vitamin-supplement powders. The first powder is 20% vitamin B1 and 30% vitamin ...

A: Given,First powder: 20% vitamin B1 and 30% vitamin B2.Second powder: 15% vitamin B1 and 10% vitamin ...

Q: Verlfy the solution to an equation In two varlables Question Which ordered pairs are solutions to th...

A: Consider the given equation:

Q: what are the blanks

A: For f(x)=x/(6x-7), we get f(y) by replacing x by y, The result is following

Q: 1/3(6x+9) with the commutative property I get the equation 1/3(6x) + 1/3(9) How do you simplify this...

A: A binary operation is said to be commutative if changing the order of the operands does not change t...

Q: 2. How many gallons of a plant food that  is 9% nitrogen must be combined with smother plant  food t...

A: Given information: