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Gas is contained in an 8.00-L vessel at a temperature of 20.0°C and a pressure of 9.00 atm. (a) Determine the number of moles of gas in the vessel. (b) How many molecules are in the vessel?


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Given info: The temperature is T 20°C. The volume is V = 8.00 L. The pressure is 9.0 atm. From Ideal gas equation, the number of moles of gas is, PV RT • Ris the gas constant. Substitute 20°C for T, 9.0 atm for P, 8.31 Jmol'K1 for Rand 8.00 L for Vin the above equation to get n. (9.0 atm)(8.00 L) (8.31 Jmol*K')(20°C) (9x1.013x10° Pa) (8.00 x10-³m³) (8.31 Jmol"K")(20+273K) = 3 mol Conclusion: The number of moles of gas is 3 mol.


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