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Gas mixturek 1.35100 kPa, 35°C


A mixture of ideal gases has a specific heat ratio of k = 1.35 and an apparent molecular weight of M = 44 kg/kmol. Determine the work, in kJ/kg, required to compress this mixture isentropically in a closed system from 100 kPa and 35°C to 700 kPa. The universal gas constant is Ru = 8.314 kJ/kmol·K.






The work required to compress this mixture is  _______kJ/kg.

Gas mixture
k 1.35
100 kPa, 35°C

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Gas mixture k 1.35 100 kPa, 35°C

Step 1

Given information:  Closed isentropic process

Step 2

Now, gas constant is the ratio of universal gas constant and equivalent molecular mass.

Step 3

For isentropic ...


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