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Gaseous ethane CH3CH3 will react with gaseous oxygen O2 to produce gaseous carbon dioxide CO2 and gaseous water H2O. Suppose 2.1 g of ethane is mixed with 11.5 g of oxygen. Calculate the minimum mass of ethane that could be left over by the chemical reaction. Be sure your answer has the correct number of significant digits.


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Step 1

Here, we have to calculate mass of ethane that is left after the reaction.

Step 2


    Mass of ethane = 2.1 g.

    Molar mass of ethane = 30 g/mol.

    Mass of oxygen = 11.5 g.

    Molar mass of oxygen = 32 g.

    Molar mass of carbon dioxide = 44 g.

Step 3

Balanced chemical reaction between e...


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2C2H6702 4C02 +6H20


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