Someone please help me and please show your working clearly. Could you please answer both 3 and 4?


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Coordinate Geometry


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Q: 13. Is ABLCD? (Sx+9 C 7x-21y

A: 13. Given  Since both lines are perpendicular, so they will intersect at right angle. Therefore, 7x-...

Q: if  m lmp is 11 degrees more than m nmp and m nml = 137 find the m lmp

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Q: 1. Write the decimal for the model shown. 70 100

A: Since multiple questions posted, the answer to the first question is given. If there is a need for a...

Q: 1. The larger triangle is a scaled copy from the smaller triangle. Find the missing side. 6cm 30cm 2...

A: Let assume unknown side be x cm. As larger triangle is scaled copy of smaller triangle, two triangle...

Q: A garage is  10  feet wide  by  25 feet long  by  15  feet high.   What is the volume?

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Q: Define scalar product of two vectors . Show of two vectors . Show that scalar product of vectors sat...

A: Scalar product of two vectors: Let a→ and b→ be two non-zero vector inclined at an angle θ. then the...

Q: Can you help find the answers to my questions please

A: Given data: The first line given is q. The second line given is s.   1) Collinear points are those p...

Q: Which of the following is a counterexample of this statement? If an angle is obtuse, then it measure...

A: An obtuse angle has a measurement greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

Q: Thanks

A: (8) a right angle = ∠COB