Asked Nov 9, 2019
  1. Give an example of a function with a finite number of elements in the domain, but a number over a million, that has a single element in the range. Hint: Think about the number of people on the planet that share the same birthday (month and day, not necessarily year) with you.

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Step 1

Assume that, the domain of the function is a set of all people whose birthday is same to you (month and date, not necessarily year) and codomain is a birthday.

Here, the number of the people in the domain x is finite and that assign to a single birthday in the codomain f(x).

Step 2

Now, draw the graph for the finite number of the people, whose share the same birthday (month...


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(x) 8 7 5 3 2- 1 11 X 7 1 2 4 10 CO -3 4


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