Give brief introduction about Lewis acids and bases ?

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Chemical bonding

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Q: Show which of the nitrogen atoms in purine are basic, and which one is not basic. Forthe nonbasic ni...

A: The nitrogen atoms in purine are which one is basic, and which one is not basic is shown below, In ...

Q: How can you determine the cell potential of daniell cell using nernst equation?

A: The cell which are used for inter-conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy and electrica...

Q: Explain the Jan teller distortion in [Cu(H2O)6]²+.

A: The Jahn–Teller distortion describes the geometrical distortion of molecules and ions that result fr...

Q: 4. The pKa of a particular weak acid is 4.81. What is the pH of the weak acid solution when exactly ...

A: When half of the acid has been neutralised, that means the concentration of acid remaining will be h...

Q: How many kilojoules are required to change the temperature of 64.5 g  of water from 22.2 oC  to 45.3...

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Q: Draw the following sugar derivatives. 1,3,6-tri-O-methyl-d-fructofuranose

A: Given sugar derivative, 1,3,6-tri-O-methyl-d-fructofuranose

Q: 1. Please write the names of these objects. | |

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Q: Predict the mononitration products of the following compounds.(a) o-nitrotoluene

A: (a)

Q: Predict the products formed when cyclohexanone reacts with the following reagents.) hydroxylamine an...

A: Given reaction,