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Give regular expressions for the following languages.(a) L1 = {anbm, n ≥ 3, m ≤ 4}(b) L2 = {anbm : n < 4, m ≤ 4}


Give regular expressions for the following languages.

(a) L1 = {anbmn ≥ 3, m ≤ 4}

(b) L2 = {anbm : n < 4, m ≤ 4}

Step 1


Regular expression:

a. L = {an bm, n >=3, m <= 4}

Step 2

Here, “n” value is greater than or equal to 3 so the expression is “(aaa)a*”.

The “m” value is less than or equal to 4 so the expres...

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